We state that both the individuals and committed communities/organisations can do (realise) everything that’s within their power of imagination and transform the planet to an ecstatic place. This is the manifesto we propose:

 1.      Know your own mind and how it works.

2.      You will then know how the world and the systems work.

3.      Know that you are the cause of most things about your life.

4.      Know that you are responsible for most things that happens within your space.

5.      Know that you do  not only have a conscious mind, you also have an unconscious mind.  These formations are sometimes referred to as left and right brain, or mind and being respectively.

6.      You can transform your own experience through correct perception.

7.      Next step in transforming experience is truthful and skillful communication.

8.      Communication transforms.

9.      Staying true to your experience and acting out of it at any given moment is one of the most  difficult states of being however it is a true solution to most of  the subjectively defined ‘ills’ of life.

10.  There is hardly any objectivity;  neither is there a need for it.  Subjectivity is mostly what we have and it is not wrong.

11.  There is only one world, one universe and one truth (in this context); only your experience in relationship to these changes, therefore by transforming your experience, you can transform the world.

12.  Transformation can only come about from the transformed.  Therefore, the point is to transform yourself.

13.  When you know that you are sourcing and causing life and are responsible for the results, you’ll also know that you have the power to play with it.

14.  Energy transforms and it is the only power we know of that creates. You can effect your energy and bring about transformation. 

15.  The ultimate test to reality is physical.

16.  The business organisation provides a structural framework for manifesting creativity and making real what otherwise only exists in the imagination.


C  Copyright Sule Torun AYTAC 1987