Dr. Sule N. Aytac

 Dr. Aytac is an experienced management consultant and skilled trainer.  Besides her experience in executive coaching and mentoring, she also specialises in group facilitation, training design and delivery, and organisation and consultancy.  Her particular skill lies in working with groups to stimulate discussion, raise awareness, and develop abilities and knowledge. 

Her NLP (Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingTM) skills enable her to work very effectively with both senior and front-line levels.  As a Master and a Trainer in NLPTM, she works with individuals to facilitate personal growth, changing unwanted behaviour and attitude, and assists groups in vision/mission building, strategic thinking and effective communication and leadership. 

Sule Aytac brings together her Academic faculty and experience in managing companies in England, France and Turkey, to serve her clients best.  She excels in multi-cultural environments and can bridge the gap between cultures in working together and in assisting the period of change. 

She has worked extensively with call-centres and the financial sector recently designing and delivering seminars in customer-focused success, communication skills, coaching skills, management skills, sales and sales management as well as team-building.

Dr. Aytac has worked with a variety of organisations, ranging from small-size to multinationals in a number of sectors, including services, financial, food, IT, communications and health.  Some of her clients are: Global, Is Bank, ITT Sheraton Europe, Multinet, Nestlé, Rant Leasing, Riva Brokers, Tesco-Kipa and various hospitals.

Dr. Aytac did her first degree (BSc.) in METU, Ankara, Turkey and obtained an MPhil and a PhD in York University, England.  Prior to becoming a full-time consultant, she lectured at Universities, worked as senior level executive in England and France, managed an IT Company in Istanbul.  She was the NGO Forum Director during UN Habitat II Conference held in Istanbul, in 1996.  She is also an active participant in many NGOs and women’s movement. 

Dr. Aytac is bilingual in Turkish/English and speaks French at an intermediary level.  She lives in Istanbul, plays bridge, enjoys learning and personal growth, good food, dancing and music.